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Cotiledón is a place for regenerative farming, holistic self care and connection within the community in Curanipe, Chile.
We are working to offer organic vegetables and products, sustainable tourism, yoga classes and  workshops.

Cotyledons are the leaves inside of a seed. They are part of the embryo and are the first ones to appear after a seed has germinated. These first leaves are different from the future leaves of a plant and they are essential for their nutrition and the start of their life.

We chose this name because it has always been a joyful moment when the cotyledons emerge from the soil to the surface. We believe that our project , even in its small scale, is part of a fundamental and necessary change in how we practice agriculture, care about the environment, society and future generations.


We are located close to Curanipe in the Región del Maule, Chile. This is an area with beautiful beaches, rivers like the Chovellen, mountains and national parks that offer a large variety of outdoor activities (surfing, hiking, kayaking, etc), relaxation and connection with nature. Nevertheless a significant part of this area has been heavily exploited with extensive monoculture farming. First, native bush was massively burned down for cereal production whereas nowadays there are pines and eucalyptus crops instead. This led to a big lack of biodiversity and a vastly diminished natural forest which has been producing several environmental, social and agricultural problems, for example a lack of rain and water overall, degradation of the soil and many other issues affecting small scale agriculture and local businesses. 

Our mission is to allow different flora and fauna to come back and to help regenerate the soil practicing biodiverse agriculture which will also promote local economy and food supply. Additionally we want to create a space of exchange, where people will have the opportunity to get to know what we do as well as provide us with their own knowledge and experience so this kind of agriculture spreads more and more.


What is now filled with pine trees will become a diverse vegetable market garden of 3000 square meters with an aim to offer nutritious, local and organic food to the community and to sustain ourselves.

Biointensive market gardening within a small space, with all the benefits of cohabitation between different species, will enable us to do it mostly by hand, avoiding the use of fossil fuel and big machinery.

With two small cabins we want to provide sustainable tourism to relax, wander the beautiful surroundings and the possibility to enjoy our food and products.  

There will be a center for yoga classes and other practices that enrich self-care and personal growth like Gestalt therapy and Ayurvedic approaches. This center will also host workshops about market gardening and regenerative agriculture.

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About us 

We are Lea and José.

José is an Agronomist and a gardener. Working in conventional agriculture, he grew disappointed and saddened about how land and society get mistreated. He started to learn about permaculture in 2017, finding his path to regenerative agriculture and market gardening.

Lea is a psychologist, Gestalt therapist and yoga teacher. She has worked with refugees and in youth welfare. In addition to regenerative agriculture, she envisions a place to offer yoga classes, different kinds of therapies and for people to come together.

We want to work together with the local community and understand where we can cooperate and build a network with sustainable, regenerative farming at its center.

Where are we?

Cotiledón is located within one hectare of land in the south-central Region del Maule, Chile, close to Curanipe, a popular and charming port by the coast.

In close proximity to the sea, the land is embedded between hills and its shadows.

Our location is