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Join us at Cotiledón! 

We are welcoming volunteers and interns the whole year around.
To join us you can apply on the volunteer/intern websites in the links below or write to us directly for more information to cotiledonchile@gmail.com.
We are very happy to hear from you and have you with us soon.

You can find us in:

“I spent 10 days with Lea, Josè, Elio, and Loui, and will forever be grateful to them for making my last days in Chile so special. I was honestly touched by how warm, open, caring, understanding, and trusting these people are. The project is still in its very early stages, and with such a young family Jose and Lea are busy people! but never too busy to help out with the work, go shopping for food, cook, or even hang out for a chat. Being there for the volunteers is very important to them, and I really felt like part of the family. There were two other volunteers there at the time from other websites (woofing + workaway) and we had a great time together. The work was mixed, with mainly carpentry and wood chopping while I was there, the current projects were to finish the outdoor kitchen and start building a tool shed/veggie cleaning shelter. Of course soon once the veggie garden is up and running this will all change. The routine was very relaxed, we tended to start in the late morning, pausing for some lunch then finishing in the afternoon with plenty of time to do whatever we wanted afterwards. The weekends were free, and again Jose and Lea were excellent hosts, driving us to see the sea lions, going for pizza, recommending some kayaking, and lending a surfboard for the beach... Just so attentive to our needs. We were never lacking for food! Either us volunteers would cook for ourselves in the outdoor kitchen, or we would all cook together and share a meal, there were many great barbecues, make sure you ask master chef Josè to make his ceviche, it's beyond imagination . I realise this has gotten long but I just cannot praise this place enough. I wish your family all the happiness with this project that you hope for, it's an inspiration to see what you are doing. Thanks for everything!” 

from www.helpX.com

“I had a great experience staying with Jose and Lea and their two wonderful kids for three weeks at Cotiledón. They are incredibly welcoming, very accommodating and they were always making sure that I was happy with the conditions. We had regular feedback rounds, the jobs were versatile and fun, the food was exceptional, and most important of all, they also made sure to give a certain amount of responsibility to me and the other volunteers, giving us the feeling that we are more than just mindless workers. Moreover, the plot is close to the beach and there were plenty of options for trips on the weekends or during downtime. All in all I had a beautiful experience with them :)”

from www.wwoof.cl